About Us

Naira Engine is a Nigerian online marketplace where anyone can buy and sell used and new items or offer services to customers. Our goal for creating  NairaEngine is to stimulate growth in the Nigerian economy by creating easy and convenient trading channels using the power of the internet.

We consider ourselves as a startup company that is not in direct competition with any existing similar services but will be complementing the already existing online services to further create more trading channels and drive economic growth in the Country.

Nigeria is a country with a population of over 185 million people with only 28.4% of its population with internet access, we believe this will increase in the coming years as more and more Nigerians are beginning to have internet access especially on mobile devices.  Therefore in order to prepare for this surge online marketplace like NigeriaEngine will help to connect more people together around the country creating more trades and distribution opportunities around the country. 

Our platform is created with mobile devices in mind so it is very mobile friendly and easy to create an account and to list product & services on our website. We will continue to further develop the platform by bringing in new features and making it more smart and user-friendly.

We hope to give you an amazing experience on nairaengine.com 

NairaEngine is a subsidiary of Job Mandate Limited

Thank you

Oludotun Olojede

Co-Founder of NairaEngine

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