5 Best Ways to Advertise Your Product on NairaEngine

5 Best Ways to Advertise Your Product on NairaEngine

Are you an online vendor that sells different products or services through the internet? This article is for you. We will be looking at the best ways to market your products or services on NairaEngine in this post. NairaEngine is an online marketplace where sellers meet buyers on the website. As a vendor, you can sell whichever legal products you have on NairaEngine thereby benefiting the steady and ever-increasing traffic that NairaEngine garners daily. The more eyes you can get on your products or services, the more sales you can make. And which seller does not want to make massive sales? We all want to! So, it is time for you to get your products to the eyes of NairaEngine's growing audience.

If you want to get started, and you're thinking of how to get even more people to buy your products from NairaEngine, this article is here for you. We will list and explain below, the five best ways through which you can advertise and get more buyers for your products on NairaEngine.

 1.   Migrate from Free plan to ProTrader or Enterprise plans on NairaEngine

 When you first registered and posted your product on NairaEngine, there is a great likelihood that you opted for the Free package to promote your product. As a vendor, you need to understand that the Free package has several limitations. For example, if you have 10 different products to advertise on NairaEngine, you cannot do that with the Free package. The free package only allows vendors to post 5 products. So, how can you post more advertisements on NairaEngine then? It's simple. By switching to the ProTrader plan which costs only 2,000 NGN or the Enterprise package which costs 5,000 NGN, you will be able to post more products and reach a much wider audience on NairaEngine.

 2.   Use high quality photos that depict what you are selling accurately

While setting up your product page, there are certain things to keep at the top of your mind. Firstly, make sure your pictures accurately represent what you are selling. This is the only way you can gain customers' trust and keep them coming back to you as a vendor. Also, your photos should be very high quality and clear to see. Using low quality photos can put off customers thereby reducing your turnout. So, the presentation and packaging of your product to the audience/traffic on NairaEngine is a great way to advertise. If you use quality pictures, the pictures will broadcast your products for you, without you doing much. Pictures speak much louder than words.

 3.   Use relevant titles or names for products you add to NairaEngine

Your title should correlate with the product being sold. Also, clearer titles that don't beat about the bush have been shown to sell products better. It's best to keep your titles short and the title should carry the products' main specifications. For example, if you're selling a designer shirt, the title of the product page should announce to all audiences on NairaEngine what the shirt's specifications are. You can then put further details in the product description which is separate from the title. These little things matter in getting your product to rank higher on NairaEngine. When your products rank high, more people see it. The more people see it, the more people buy.

 4.   Post your product in the relevant section or niche

It would not make sense to be a dog vendor and post your product in the fashion category or section. You would be technically shooting yourself in the foot. When buyers search categories, the first products that appear in that category have the most exposure. You can advertise your product better on NairaEngine by posting the appropriate category or section. That way, the right buyers will spot your product.

5.   Share your NairaEngine product page on all your social media platforms

Yes, NairaEngine has its own huge daily traffic that will get your product's exposure. But, this does not mean that your work of marketing ends there. You can post the link to your product page on NairaEngine to your different social media platforms. That way interested customers have an online base to check your products catalog.


With all these said, it is the little things that matter in marketing. The best ways to advertise a product or service are usually in the little correct things. While marketing your products on NairaEngine, ensuring that you cross your "t" and dot your "i", is a great way to be fast friends with the NairaEngine search ranking system.