Best Online Sites to promote Your service/product in Nigeria

Best Online Sites to promote Your service/product in Nigeria

If you have a service or product that you are selling, then you must have thought of further ways to market your goods to a larger audience. A great aspect of promoting a business is marketing it to a large audience. Without a large audience, you cannot gain your customer base. Potential buyers of your product or service have to "see" what you offer first before they can then buy it. This is why big companies tend to invest a lot of money into running advertisements for their service or products. They usually target their advertisements with brands or advertising agencies that have a huge user base.

 If you are looking at promoting your product or service and you reside in Nigeria and you are targeting the Nigerian audience, then you need to market your products on Nigerian sites and advertising platforms targeted toward Nigerians. Below, we will be listing 8 different online websites with a huge amount of Nigerian audience where you can market your service or product to reach your target audience or potential buyers.



 Naira Engine is a fast-rising website where you can list your products or services for absolutely free. When users log into the website, they will see your service and product and click if they are interested. There are different categories on the website depending on what your product or service is about. Whether you wish to sell cars, products in health and beauty, home and office decor items, mobile phones and others, Naira Engine has huge traffic waiting for you. To get started with marketing, simply register through the "Register" link button in their navigation bar to get started. After you have registered, log in and start selling.



 If you are a Nigerian, then you have most likely heard of Jiji is an online marketplace targeted towards Nigeria. The website is available on the web and also in App format. Jiji is unarguably one of the biggest sites in Nigeria right now to sell goods and services. To gain access to their massive traffic and audience is free. But there are also paid and premium subscription plans that you can opt for if you want your places ads to be on top of the front page. To begin selling and marketing your product or service, simply register with your email and phone number. Upload photos of your product or service to the system and wait for messages/calls from your new clients and customers.



 Jumia is an online marketplace and website that is targeted towards the African audience. The subdomain is for Nigerian residents. Jumia aims to revolutionize the shopping experience in Africa as a whole. And since their launch in 2012, they have managed to achieve this aim. Because Jumia has become a household name in Nigeria and is the common "go-to" when people want to shop online here. So, if you want to market your business, Jumia is the way to go online in Nigeria.



 Konga is another fantastic online site where you can market your goods and services for free. The good thing about Konga is that they have massive amounts of daily visits and traffic to their website and this means that your goods and services will get the right amount of Nigerian publicity that it deserves. Konga was founded in July 2012 and it has since then grown to another household name among Nigerian online marketplaces.


5. OList

 OList is an online marketplace with its headquarters in Oregon, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. OList is a place where you can place free advertisements for your vehicles, phones, products and services. You can do all the marketing of your products on their platform for free by simply registering an account. The website is very legit and has been around for years so you can trust them. You can also list houses for rent on the platform.


6. Instagram

 A lot of Nigerians have been taking huge advantage of the social media platform, Instagram. And indeed, Instagram is a great way to connect with millions of Nigerians. By posting your products on your Instagram page and using relevant hashtags, you can gain a great deal of exposure to the Nigerian audience and sell more. Also, there is a new thing where you promote your product and service with an Instagram influencer or celebrity. These are people whose Instagram accounts of a huge number of followers. That way, you can get your product or service to the face of millions of people at once.


7. Facebook

 Facebook is also a great way to market your goods and services. Another creation of Facebook Inc. is WhatsApp. Both applications have huge user bases that you can reach and market your goods and services to. Through using Facebook, you can use relevant hashtags, post in certain groups that are related to your business and post on your Facebook feed to your friends. WhatsApp stories and WhatsApp business are also great options for showcasing your products and services online.


8. Google ranking via SEO and Google Ads

 Have you ever googled and you noticed that some particular search results appeared first and had the "Ad" text attached to them? These search results have been promoted already on Google to reach people searching for a particular keyword. Through Google AdWords, you can promote your products and services on Google with an affordable amount of money. This kind of advertisement is targeted specifically to those who are already looking for your type of service or product. Creating a company website and posting content about your service or product regularly on it is also a great way to advertise yourself not only on Google but on all other search engines.



 The eight online websites mentioned and explained above are legit and proven ways through which many Nigerians are already going about the promotion of their businesses. Choose whichever is most comfortable for you and your budget.