1. Add Quality Content

Users want value. So assure them that your products will suit their needs. But use simple phrases and words that people would believe.

Images take a lot of attention. They are the key players in selling your product. Take quality pictures of your products in multiple angles and dimensions and upload the better ones of them.

And quality research is needed with respect to finding the appropriate keywords for the particular product you are going to sell.

2. Title – Let It be Short, Smart and Stylish

The title is the index of an ad. The first thing a user sees in an ad is the title. So you have to grab their attention and captivate them.

And one more important thing – Users don’t read the entire post. They simply scan the ad. So, you have to give what they want in just a glance. So the title of your ad should be short, smart and stylish.

In earlier days, professionality is a big deal with anything online. But it is not like that anymore. You have to attract the audience, that’s it. You can use any language or style (but it should be acceptable).

3. Description – Share Detailed Information

In contrast with the title, your description should be clear and informative. Once you grab the eyeballs and make them click on your ad, you have to persuade them to buy your products. Here, being simple and smart may not work.

The description of the classified ad should be clear enough to give complete information about the product. If your users are not convinced with your description and have doubts, they go back from the page. So, you have to assure them that yours is the perfect one for them.

Give your contact information within the description too. And you can give the contact details of your former customers for taking feedback about your services (take the consent of the customers you are going to give the details of). This can increase credibility.

4. Social Sharing

Some people might be looking for a product like the one you are offering. But they may not be online at that particular time. So, social sharing of your ads on classified ads would increase your reach and the chances of making good business.

Classifieds ads websites like Naira Engine offer social sharing buttons and it’s you who have to share your ads on your social groups or pages.

5. Pay for Promotion

In order to make it easier for potentials buyers to find your product and service is necessary to pay for promotion to get your advert listing on the top of product search results. Naira Engine has a cheap promotion option starting from N500.

Source: GumtreeDominators